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"Cold Spring Union managed to bring multiple firsts into the [Bryce-Jordan Center], including covers of lesser known soul, blues, and southern rock tracks from the likes of groups such as The [Drive-by] Truckers, Steel Drivers, and Austin Lucas. The group even managed to throw in three original songs, which felt like classic hits with southern soulful rock tracks about whiskey and gin, unrequited love, and country living...refreshing tunes that paired soulful vocals and guitar solos that had the BJC feeling like a Lynyrd Skynyrd concert." -Onward State, 2019 

Cold Spring Union Refreshes THON With Country, Blues, Soul, And Southern Rock

"Cold Spring Union offers a sound of pure grit and soul...vocals truly rest at the heart of their sound. Singing shows off their ability to play off each other making every track represent a true sense of community. Guitar riffs further radiate their intense spirit, falling between garage and country rock while refusing to be completely categorized into either...with just the right level of playfulness it all comes together in a perfect way, representing the best of rock n’ roll... Delivered with a fiery passion, Cold Spring Union crafts an example of how good Americana can be, a truly intense experience that deserves to be blasted at the highest possible volume,", 2019

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